What Is Christian Discipleship?

What is Christian discipleship?

This is the question that we have sought to drive into the heart of Emmanuel Henbury’s new website, and it’s certainly been my pleasure to have been involved in helping you all to think about this critical question.

Without doubt, we are all living through urgent and tumultuous days on Earth, days that are begging for this question to be pored over, reflected upon and, critically, prayed about with a humble spirit.

Too often have the Church thrown around the well-known 2 Chronicles 7:14 promise concerning the people of God humbling themselves and praying – in the hope of God forgiving our sin and healing our land – without a truly repentant spirit.

Repentance is sorely missing as a priority in the Body of Christ and, until the need for this spirit of contrition and brokenness (think of Jeremiah’s tears) is more widely recognised, there will only be the ongoing perpetuation of the stunted cliche surrounding it.

On both corporate and personal levels, if we will all be honest as we survey the general landscape of the Church in the West, is there an authentic unity that brings glory to Yahweh? Do Christians these days agree with the essential truths of concerning who God says God is? Is there a biblical demonstration anywhere in the West as to what genuine, cross-carrying Christian discipleship is meant to be? How many of us are really pining for the return of our Saviour King?

Is this ancient cry of maranatha to be found anywhere?

I have no doubt that it has always been the Father’s plan for this cry for Jesus to return to be the very beating heart of Christian discipleship. Without it, are we any different to any other people on Earth?

As the Church across the world has been forcibly closed to our normal systems and arrhythmias, the question (for us all) now is,

What will Emmanuel Chapel look like as we become increasingly faithful in preparing ourselves – and others – for His return?

Especially regarding our discipleship, this is the primary question for the entire Body of Christ to face and it seems to me that Ephesians 1:17 is a profoundly important verse to have memorised as we all increasingly move towards answering it.


Nick Franks

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