Our History

The story of the Brethren movement is an exciting chapter in Church history, and although we no longer think of ourselves as a ‘Brethren Assemby’, the beliefs that were at the heart of the Brethren movement remain our core beliefs today. We remain an independent church – not part of a wider denominational structure, but enjoying good working relationships with many other local churches. Most of all we still believe that the Bible is God’s word to us, that it is relevant to every area of life, and that everyone needs to hear and respond to the amazing news of what God has begun and will one day finish to do through His King – Jesus Christ. 

1950 – The new Henbury housing estate is completed, and a group from nearby Etloe Evangelical Church begin a childrens’ Sunday School work and ladies’ fellowship in the area. Over the next few years this work grows into a fledgling church.

March 1959– Emmanuel church moves into its own purpose built building – ‘Emmanuel Chapel’ on Satchfield Crescent.

December 1963– Emmanuel officially becomes a church in its own right, no longer ‘under the wing’ of Etloe, while maintaining strong links with Etloe and the many other local ‘Brethren Assemblies’.

May 1971– A two storey extension is added to the rear of Emmanuel Chapel.

September 2014– A team from Emmanuel Bristol joins the church and a new informal partnership is begun between Emmanuel Henbury and Emmanuel Bristol.

August 2017– The team from Emmanuel Bristol return to their home church having supported us for three years and helped us to see the direction we want to take into the future.

Emmanuel Chapel remains our church family’s home, and we remain as committed as ever to sharing with the Henbury and Brentry community the fantastic news of what God has done through Jesus Christ.

When and Where it all Began