Sitting at the Master’s feet. According to John chapter fifteen, prayer is about “abiding” not rushing in but rather making a practice of waiting for the whisper of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is also about repenting with a willing heart to be made wholehearted away from everything that distracts us towards compromise and dullness of spirit.

Prayer cultivates our awareness of the Presence of God via a spirit of surrender before Him so that we do not flee from the loving heart surgery that He works in our lives as we confess, “Jesus is Lord!”

 Prayer is the Christians’ vital breath.

We are influenced by the company we keep and so the primary priority – for us all – is to let the Creator of the Universe shape us.

The personal and corporate places of prayer are the most powerful locations on Earth. Why? Because they are the precise places of powerful intimacy with the God of loving steadfastness.

Maturity in Christian discipleship is best seen by our growing contentment to come to Him daily, resting in Him often and sharing our inner thoughts in the unflinching confidence that He is both listening and eager to answer…the mystery of the Universe is that He longs for us to spend time in His presence!