What We Believe

We want to be found faithful, wholehearted and ready for His return

We are a group of people across all age groups who identify as Christians with a desire to love and serve our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We are not perfect and we make mistakes but as we grow together we aim to pick each other up and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us. 

We are not part of any denomination but see the Bible as God’s guidebook which we treasure and aim to live by even if that means going against current culture.

We believe God’s love is available to all but in order to receive that love we need to admit we are sinners, turn away from those sins and let Him transform us by that love. It is on His terms though, not ours, and He will reject us if we think otherwise. But none of us are too bad to stop His Grace transforming us.

We are very small indeed and yet infinitely precious in the sight of the LORD (See Psalm 116:15)

We believe God created the world, gave everlasting covenant promises to His chosen people which through Christ we have been privileged to be grafted into. Jesus, despite being God’s son, became fully man and took our sins on the cross.

He rose from the dead, is now back in heaven with His Father but will return to Earth to reign and fully restore His promise to Israel and His remnant body, the church still serving Him on His return, plus all Christians who have died prior to His coming. 

Ultimately all those people mentioned will dwell with God in a New Heaven and New Earth as outlined in Revelation 21. People who reject God in this life will, sadly, spend eternity in hell. This is not God’s heart, or desire but He does not force us to follow Him.